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Leila and Zachary share their dyslexia story

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Dyslexic Mum and Son team are embracing their differences and supporting others through Zachary’s Dyslexia Detective channel on YouTube, so that all children can have a positive dyslexic journey.

I was diagnosed when I was 11 however my story is of my son who was 8. He had clear struggles from nursery.

Dyslexia has given him and amazing drive. He understands his skills and weaknesses and tries to help others through his you tube channel The Dyslexia Detective he is still only 8

I have been very lucky to receive understanding and support and I want Zachary to be comfortable to advocate for himself.

“With The Dyslexia Detective channel, I just wanted to help at least one person to understand how amazing dyslexia is. #stayunique ” Zachary