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We have the pleasure of sharing a tale of Peter and his pandemic hair cut!

Thursday 6 May 2021

We have the pleasure of sharing a tale of Peter and his Pandemic hair cut! University teacher, Peter has not only signed up to support us in the Virtual London Marathon 2021, but also had great fun fundraising by putting his lockdown hair cut in the hands and scissors of his friends and family.


During lockdown, I had been chatting to my wife, Jane, about finding a challenge to get involved in. Keeping up with my teaching at the University of Bradford was full on and I felt like I could do with a distraction when I logged off the computer. My wife then spotted that the British Dyslexia Association were looking for people to run the virtual London Marathon and we agreed that I would do it.

I have vivid memories of a special teacher at primary school who helped me to spell my the name of where I lived (Leicester – Lester with ‘ice’ in the middle). As a lecturer at the University of Bradford and a father of two young boys, I’m acutely aware of just how challenging learning can be for so many different people. I also get to see my students and two boys grow in confidence as the incrementally overcome those challenges and start to learn to love learning.

I ran a ‘pick my haircut challenge’ as follows:

Help, I've got pandemic hair! It's down to my shoulders and constantly flopping in front of my eyes. I've finally booked in for a haircut but what should I do (6:15pm, Friday 30th April)? Grow the curls out longer, trim round the edges and keep it as it is, or cut it back to how it looked at my wedding. Donate to have you say. I'll go with the option that raises the most money.

I enjoyed sharing the challenge with friends. Each time I met with students and colleagues, I mentioned it to them and it led to different discussions about hair and the trials and tribulations of managing it during the pandemic.

I also enjoyed sharing the updates with my wife as donations came in. The first donation suggested I have my head shaved, which filled my wife with dread. She was worried about what she’ll have to live with when I come back from the hairdressers.

I have raised £50 or £58.75 including Gift Aid