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Join Yolanthe Fawehinmi, founder of Flynt Network as she takes over our Instagram for a day

Monday 8 February 2021

Yolanthe Fawehinmi, founder of Flynt Network

Yolanthe Fawehinmi is a London-based journalist who advocates for innovation in storytelling and technology. She founded Flynt Network, a divergent thinking community for the dyslexics who hide in plain sight, in 2019.

On Saturday 13 February she will be taking over our Instagram for the day, from 9:30 – 4, and will take us through a variety of live demos and advice sessions, Q&A’s and share elements of the Flynt Network's toolkit. The day will be broken up into bite sized chunks to allow time for our followers on Instagram to digest the advice and come back with any questions they might have. Make sure you follow @bdadyslexia and stay tuned!

Yolanthe is currently a Features Writer at The Telegraph but was previously on the paper’s Editorial Graduate programme. Writing about education, careers, race, social affairs, religion, and culture, she also enjoys profiling some of the country's most prolific voices. Prior to joining the Telegraph in late 2018, Yolanthe graduated with an MA in Digital Journalism from Goldsmiths, University of London. She also worked at Wowcher as a Sub Editor and Production Executive.

Not dyslexic herself, Yolanthe founded Flynt Network after experiencing what it can be like to support those around you with dyslexia. Read on to find out about how Flynt Network came about:

I don't have dyslexia but decided to create an organisation to support those who do. After coming across close friends who hid their diagnosis, and later finding out that my sister also has dyslexia, I felt compelled to bridge the gap to encourage people to be bold, curious, and unapologetic in their pursuit for success. Flynt Network is a place where we can all learn from each other, especially after leaving the education system.

Learning about how people with dyslexia process information and their strengths and weaknesses, has been very encouraging for me. It has enabled me to create different systems and hacks to demystify the writing and editing process, and also understand why people with dyslexia sometimes hide their diagnosis from their friends, family, and workplaces.

Hosting the launch of Flynt Network at The Telegraph was a great achievement. The event was very raw, some people were in tears, and people were able to share their grievances, their stories and ask the well-versed panel some hard questions. It was also great to receive sponsorship from various brands, such as The Happiness Planner, Intax and Moo.

And Yolanthe’s advice for someone who has recently been diagnosed with dyslexia?

I would encourage them to come out of hiding and own their truth. We all have strengths and weaknesses, whether you are dyslexic or not. It takes real patience to grow, and real humility to try again. Seeking the help you need is the best thing you could do for yourself, because once you understand your best practices, nothing can hold you back. People with dyslexia are consistent learners, who value and honour diverse experiences and lessons.

About Flynt Network

Our mission
We exist to redefine success for the dyslexic by creating the necessary tools, structures, and connections they need to come out of hiding and take hold of their futures after leaving the education system.

Our purpose
To curate a new paradigm where the dyslexic can be educated and equipped to address their weaknesses, take responsibility for their growth, and face their fears professionally, personally, and in service to others.

Our Work
Flynt Network is a divergent thinking community for the dyslexic who hide in plain sight, founded by Yolanthe Fawehinmi in 2019. We are here to inspire, educate, and challenge perceptions surrounding neurodiversity through the content, resources, and experiences we create. We are a community of bold, curious, and unapologetic people reshaping our identity and relationship with success. The network values and supports the dyslexic professionals who are teachable, determined, and sincere.