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Bespoke Training Day at Newport Primary School

Tuesday 5 July 2022

We had a great training session Newport Primary School, our bespoke package was designed specifically for the school to give practical solutions for dyslexia and raise awareness for the staff and pupils.

The entire day got all the staff involved with discussions and activities and provided the tools, understanding and strategies that could be immediately implemented to benefit the pupils that need it the most.

Here's what they have had to say:

“The training we received from Anselm was exactly what we needed as a school. He provided staff with an understanding of it may feel like for our dyslexic learners in school and staff were able to experience a little of their frustrations and difficulties in a practical way.”

“The session offered a good combination of theory, discussion and practical activities for strategies that could be used to support children in a way that all of our teaching staff and teaching assistants felt able to access. The ideas and strategies given were accessible and responsive to the needs of our school. All staff came away from the session with ideas that they could implement in their classrooms immediately.”

“It can be difficult to engage staff in a whole day training online, however, Anselm managed to keep everybody interested and focussed. We would definitely recommend the training to other organisations who want practical solutions for supporting children with dyslexic tendencies.”

If you’re interested in building a bespoke package for your school or workplace, please contact